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The premise of this whitepaper is bold, it connects customer engagement with hard economic benefit. Many organisations have failed to find the secret formula to justify new investments to focus on customer engagement and loyalty activities. This whitepaper identifies four of the top outcomes of customer engagement that can be measured in dollars. These outcomes are simple to understand; realistic to execute, support, and measure; and offer solid results with high impact. Download this... Learn more


A comprehensive 38 page guide that covers in detail the five core competencies of CX program management and the financial benefits gained as your program matures. Great customer experience is not only a tagline. It delivers better business results. In fact, according to a study by Forrester, public companies classified as ‘CX ‘leaders’ outperformed ‘CX laggards’ by nearly four times over an 8-year period. A separate study by Bain & Co found that industry NPS leaders experienced revenue... Learn more


Rooms To Go is a major US independent furniture retailer. The company employs nearly 7000 members of staff across 11 US states and turning over $1.5 Billion in sales, annually. Since its inception in 1991, Rooms To Go has offered customers the opportunity to purchase an entire room for their home; everything from furniture, accessories right down to décor items is made available. To compliment the customer focused in-store experience, Rooms To Go provides a sophisticated online operation.... Learn more

customer experience

How does a customer’s loyalty drive your business growth? Forrester shows the value of CX investment. Forrester reports that 50 per cent of customer experience (CX) professionals can’t determine what an improvement in customer experience is worth to their business. To help illustrate the value, the research firm analysed data from their CX Index to understand the impact of a one-point increase in CX Index scores for companies across 17 industries. This report highlights:Business growth... Learn more

customer feedback

The best-performing companies use customer feedback to fuel learning and innovation. This research reveals the formula for doing it well. To better understand the specific practices that customer-driven innovators use to anticipate, act on, and adapt to the changing expectations of a more empowered consumer, Accenture and Medallia surveyed 450 senior customer experience and marketing executives across the US, Canada, UK, Germany and Australia. The research suggests that customer-driven... Learn more


Some customer experience (CX) leaders are beginning to question the obsession with NPS, Overall Satisfaction, and other similar measures of overall CX performance. Why? Experience has shown that these measures can entice organisations to spend their time “chasing the score”, which can actually undermine CX success. You need to measure, monitor, and reward CX efforts to create a successful CX programme. Download this whitepaper to learn:Why score-chasing creates bad outcomesHow to put action... Learn more


Download this guide to learn more about the benefits of implementing an omni-channel strategy and solution and how to get started. Your door is always open, regardless of your business or support hours. Today’s customers ask questions at any time of the day or night and wait for you to respond. But not for too long. It sounds simple and yet so often providing a seamless customer experience is anything but. It becomes incredibly frustrating to have multiple means of contacting a business and... Learn more


Live online chat is proving to be a successful way to engage with customers in the guided economy. Customers expect chat to be consistently easy and effective at answering their questions, resolving their issues and guiding them to their desired outcome. Learn how to leverage live chat to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations and you company’s goals. Download this guide for:Powerful live chat conversion statisticsFour types of chat engagements and which are most effective for your... Learn more

self service

Self-service has become an integral component of journey design as the modern customer demands speed, accuracy and consistency across all support touchpoints. By incorporating elements of self-service into the design phase of journey mapping, companies are improving customer satisfaction on the one hand and their key business metrics on the other. In this eBook, we discuss the elements of journey mapping and how it can help evangelise intelligent self-service initiatives within an... Learn more


In 2018, understanding your customers’ journeys as they interact with your brand across touchpoints and channels is paramount for driving optimal business results. But with so many disparate channels, tools and data sources accomplishing this can be a near-impossible task (with traditional analytics methods and tools, that is). In this information-packed 64-page eBook, you’ll discover how leading marketing and customer experience teams are adopting cutting-edge journey analytics technology to... Learn more

55 whitepaper results
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