‘We want to manage the experience in a way that helps customers love us’

Seth Adler
Posted: 01/04/2018

In this week’s CX Network podcast theatre interview, the Program Manager for Cisco discovers the unique challenges and opportunities of working with a large and diverse group of people.



Mark Buchanan is Program Manager at Cisco. He joins host Seth Adler in the CX Network Podcast Theatre to share that on his most recent journey he and his team collaborated with more than 10,000 globally distributed people in all kinds of different fields.

There are more than 8,000 product skews, meaning there’s an enormous range of jobs and expertise. As the organisation has acquired over 180 different companies, on top of the unique people, there are different cultures with different approaches and world views.

These are the fascinating problems and opportunities associated with completely changing a brand language from where it started at the Stanford University help desk to where it is now: a truly global enterprise with all levels of technology acumen interacting with the brand.



1. “For customer experience the real value in my previous role was the insight into building trust. PBS is renowned for the trust they've built with people and it's by a commitment to honesty, integrity and quality of their product. They don't worry about search engine marketing or optimisation. They worry about the quality of the information that they're communicating and the way it's presented. And they are always at the top of organic search, because they're so deeply committed to that.”

“Einstein said that he wasn't necessarily smarter than other people, he just stayed with the problem longer."

2. “We need clear, concise communication. And we have to do it in this way that's great for Cisco. That goes back to our mission and the people. What connects us all? What unites us so that it's an authentic solution? It’s not a Band-Aid that we paste over a problem.”

3. “Einstein said that he wasn't necessarily smarter than other people, he just stayed with the problem longer. And he did that because he was passionate about finding solutions to great challenges. And I think that's really true of me too.”

Seth Adler
Posted: 01/04/2018