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Npower's Journey to Delivering an Excellent Customer Service

Hosted By: Zarina de Ruiter
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About this Podcast...

Interview with Jonathan Davies, Head of New Market Development at npower, about the differences and challenges of providing a service to B2B customers within the energy sector.

jonathandavies.pngJonathan Davies is the Head of New Market Development at npower Business Solutions. His role entails looking at where he thinks the business will go in the future and creating new revenue streams by finding out what their customers want and how they can provide this.

He has a background in customer experience and digital and this interview provides a fascinating insight into how npower provides CX within the B2B sector.

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In this podcast Jonathan discusses:

  • How working with large business customers, such as Sainsbury's, BT and McDonalds, fundamentally differs from the residential side of the business, and how this affects his strategy
  • The challenges of delivering an excellent customer service within the energy sector
  • What the move to digitisation means for business solutions
  • The difference between providing customer experience within the utilities sector compared to other industries, such as telecoms or financial services
  • The internal focus on the customer journey to identify pain points
  • How npower provides extra value to stakeholders though workshops on regulatory change