Employee Engagement

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Contributor: Annette Franz
Posted: Mon, 09/11/2017
Employee engagement
Customer experience blogger and expert Annette Franz discusses what employee engagement is and what it is not. And, more importantly, how employers and employees can work together to achieve it I recently saw a note from a reporter with a reputable online publication asking for sources who had used company perks, as well as app, to track rewards... Full Content »
Contributor: Colin Shaw
Posted: Wed, 08/30/2017
The magic of Disney: The secret to its status as a CX leader
CX expert and blogger Colin Shaw says that a quality customer experience like Disney’s relies on constant technological innovation At their parks and resorts, Disney use the phrase ‘the magic of Disney’ to describe what they create for their guests. Ordinarily we would call it ‘customer experience’, yet this somehow seems inadequate. You don’t... Full Content »
Contributor: Matt Willden
Posted: Tue, 08/29/2017
How Amazon applies learnings in CX to employee experience
In early 2015 I was asked to begin building a new team in Amazon’s HR Shared Services department focused on measuring and developing the way employees experience our services. I admit that the initial charter was somewhat daunting – to benchmark Amazon’s external customer experience and re-tool it to focus on creating a bar-raising experience for... Full Content »
Posted: Wed, 07/05/2017
Case study: Coventry Building Society’s customer-first journey
The role of the empowered employee to drive a successful customer-centric company culture Rachel Haworth is the Customer Experience Director at Coventry Building Society. In a presentation at the Customer Experience Exchange for Financial Services she held an insightful presentation on creating an internal customer culture. She highlights that... Full Content »
Contributor: Colin Shaw
Posted: Tue, 05/30/2017
How great leadership drives employee engagement
It’s tough to get employees engaged, but when you do it’s worth its weight in gold. CX expert and blogger Colin Shaw shares how he achieved this A number of years ago, back in my corporate career, I was asked to take over 20 call centres. The previous manager had been asked to move on, with good reason; he was a very poor leader. He thought... Full Content »
Contributor: Zarina de Ruiter
Posted: Thu, 04/27/2017
3 Customer Experience Takeaways From Qualtrics Converge Europe
The biggest customer experience trends as discussed by industry leaders from the likes of Gartner and Adidas at the first European edition of Qualtrics Converge. This week saw tech company Qualtrics’ first annual summit hitting Europe. Hundreds of their customers and prospective customers within customer experience and academia attended the... Full Content »
Contributor: Colin Shaw
Posted: Wed, 04/26/2017
8 Top Tips to Help You Create Successful Relationships
Customer experience author, blogger and speaker Colin Shaw discusses the key steps to establishing successful relationships with customers and employees. Over the years, I realised relationships in business mean everything. Whether it’s a new employer or a new customer, the beginning of a relationship sets the standards for how the two of you... Full Content »
Contributor: Colin Shaw
Posted: Wed, 03/29/2017
The Key Steps to Improving Employee Engagement
Customer experience author, blogger and speaker Colin Shaw discusses the crucial importance of having an employee experience strategy as part of the wider customer experience strategy. Happy people give you happy customers. This is the mantra I used to say when I was in corporate life 12 years ago running 3,500 people in call centres around the... Full Content »
Posted: Tue, 03/28/2017
How Metro Bank Builds Emotional Engagement
Chris Brindley is the Managing Director of Metro Bank. In an interview at the Customer Experience Exchange for Europe, he spoke about:How financial services can rebuilt trust with their customersThe importance of speaking about fans instead of customers and colleagues instead of employeesWhy they benchmark themselves against the best retail brands... Full Content »
Contributor: Zarina de Ruiter
Posted: Mon, 02/27/2017
Tech Disruptor Customer Experience Competitive Differentiator
Ben Fairbank is the Head of Customer Experience at Grab, a ride-hailing app based in Asia. An internationally recognised leader in Customer Experience, Cultural Change Management and Operations, Ben has taken multiple companies to number 1 in their respective markets. He is constantly challenging the way businesses look at their people, who look... Full Content »
Contributor: Annette Franz
Posted: Wed, 02/22/2017
Customer Service Employee Experience
CX expert and blogger Annette Franz talks about the importance of a ‘stay’ interview, rather than an exit one, to get a deeper understanding of employee satisfaction and increase engagement in the long-term. There is a clear linkage between the employee experience and the customer experience. We know this, and yet many companies still refuse to... Full Content »
94 results
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