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Rooms To Go is a major US independent furniture retailer. The company employs nearly 7000 members of staff across 11 US states and turning over $1.5 Billion in sales, annually. Since its inception in 1991, Rooms To Go has offered customers the opportunity to purchase an entire room for their home; everything from furniture, accessories right down Read more
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As communication channels expand and customer inquiries become more frequent and complex, customer care leaders are facing a tough question: ‘How do we deliver the best customer experiences to a market that wants to self-serve in digital channels, but still needs agent assistance in crucial moments?’ Today, big customer experience (CX) performance Read more
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Eliminate digital asset chaos with a rich media ecosystem
Learn how to manage valuable digital brand assets to multiple channels and devices and create better customer engagement along the way.  Everywhere you turn – whether working online, browsing your favourite print catalogue or simply strolling through a retail store saturated with revolving product ads embellished by video and music – you can’t Read more
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The customer experience retail checklist
Are you providing your customers with the right digital experiences, in-store and online? Retail is evolving and digital is the thread that ties together the customer experience. Customers expect your website, mobile apps and in-store experiences to be integrated. They expect store inventory to be available online. They expect promotions in your Read more
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5 digital mistakes retailers continue to make
Digital-enabled experiences will soon be the primary growth driver for retailers, and you need to make sure you capitalise on the opportunities by avoiding these common mistakes In the words of venture capitalist Mark Andreessen, software is eating the world. Digital interactions are becoming the norm in every industry, and retail is no exception Read more
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Multi-Channel Connecting Customers to a Deeper Conversation
How to communicate through multiple channels for greater engagement and retention. In our digital age there has been a lot of talk about the importance of engaging with your customers on their preferred communication channel. But there has also been limited clarity on how to proceed in a way that both simplifies your efforts and best leverages Read more
Tags: Multi-Channel | Engagement | retention | whitepaper
How to Capitalise on the Digital Disruption Impacting Customer Experience
When you search for the meaning of digital disruption online, you’ll find as many different answers as there are results. It affects organisations (and individuals) in a variety of ways and they have different opinions about the meaning and impact of this industry buzzword on their business and role. We asked our community of experts and some of Read more
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The customer service technology, tools and processes have evolved tremendously, accelerating in the last few years, and so have the requirements for your people. But what have been the biggest changes in recent years? And how will this continue to develop? In this report we look at the developments on the people side of customer service (such as Read more
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Digitla Marketing
There’s no denying that we live in a digitally-focused world. Internet traffic has increased fivefold in the last five years alone and is set to double again by 2019, and by 2020 Millennials are predicted to spend $1.4 trillion annually (a third of all retail sales). As Millennials are the first true digital generation, to receive just a nugget of Read more
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Global State Customer Experience
Our in-depth research report looks at the key customer experience trends, challenges and investments for the next 12 –18 months and the digital transformation of organisations.Our annual survey gauged the views of global leaders – across all major industries – within customer experience, service, insight, digital and marketing, on the changes that Read more
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