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October 7, 2015 by Zarina de Ruiter
Interview with the Vice President – Head of Customer Insight at Riya Bank, about the importance of a customer insight team and optimisation of a Voice of the Customer programme as part of a wider customer experience strategy.
Tags: interview | insight | voice of the customer | strategy | trends | challenges
September 27, 2015 by Maya Fowell
Maya Fowell
Interview with DHL’s Vice President of Customer Experience, Kim MacGillavry, who says: "data cannot improve customer experience, only people can".
Tags: interview | data | dhl
September 20, 2015 by Maya Fowell
Maya Fowell
Interview with, Attila Kun, the Head of Conversion Management at Novomatic about the cross-conversion approach that aims to increase customer retention, improve the experience of the customer across multi-channel platforms and promote brand awareness.
Tags: interview | cross-conversion | digital | brand | multichannel | retention